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Top 10 Moving Mistakes to Avoid

There are several things to consider when planning your move to your new home. Here is the top 10 moving mistakes to avoid when you planning your move to your new home or office, in this article we are going to describe about top 10 most important moving mistakes to avoid when planning your move.

Organizing, packing, and cleaning, as well as updating your personal information, ensuring that you have the utilities ready to go in your new place, and arranging for the transportation of your belongings to your new residence, are all stressful aspects of moving.

Shifting is not an easy job. Moving to another place requires a lot of preparation and planning to get things finished smoothly. To avoid the risk of facing the consequences of stressful shifting and moving hiring the best packers and movers is the best ever solution to overcome the burden.

Moving mistakes to avoid

It is always advisable to hire a professional moving company in Nepal for a stress-free and seamless move. You should remember there is no waste of time while packing, shipment weight affects the cost and a new destination will have enough space to store your goods. Let’s discuss some best top 10 tips moving mistakes to avoid:

Not checking and research for the trustable mover:

The very important part of planning the moving job is to choose the committing and trustable packers and movers. Make sure about the professionalism of the moving company, check out the track record and credentials before committing any contract to avoid problems of moving day.

Spending money for the packaging of the goods:

For the shifting of large, heavy and expensive goods, proper packaging and care is the most important thing to remember. Labeling, using packing tape, proper sealing and wrapping with proper materials helps to shift your goods. Packing of the heavy items in the smallest possible box is also important. You can use waste newspaper and boxes for the packing that are easy to come almost free of charge.

Forget to estimate the measurements

It will be a problem if you forget to measure the clearance space or the door measurement on a moving day. If your goods don’t fit through the door then it will be a problem so be careful about it.

Moving without the checklist of goods

To better manage the moving of the house and office successful it is important to create a checklist of the goods and keep focused on the preparation period.

Our expert movers at Ramro packers and movers can make all of the necessary arrangements in a matter of hours. From loading your belongings onto our vans to transporting them to the right place, we take great care to guarantee that your treasures are handled with care.

Not packing all the goods properly

Please don’t avoid cross-checking after packing the goods. You need to pack with a clear strategy, clear labeling of boxes and materials uses must be able to protect the goods against damages. Be careful about the time, money and space while shifting to a new place.

Underestimate the case of being injured

Moving and shifting is a risky task as it doesn’t seem like that. Moving heavy furniture and machinery needs to handle with care. It is one of the risks to get sustaining an injury. So it’s better to move with professional assistance, use proper techniques for lifting and carrying heavy-weight items. Don’t let children roam round the pathways.

Losing your contract agreement

Make sure that you have the agreement between you and the shifting company is not lost during the rush. It is the most important reference to be if there would be any problem and the evidence that your goods must reach to the destination without any damage.

Make a proper contract agreement outlining all the terms and conditions. By putting everything on paper and requesting signatures, both parties agree to certain specifics that determine the moving service that will be provided.

Make a payment of tax and all expenses

Before shifting make sure about the tax and other payments so that you don’t need to worry about on a moving day. Go through the specific guidelines and make pre-payment of the tax and utility expenses including road tax and be careful to keep all receipts. It makes traveling easy on a moving day.

Mind make up to counter risks of damage

Moving is hard work with the risk of breakages and damages during the shifting. Make proper planning to reduce the possible risk of damage. All the arrangements of relocation are required to be perfect. Besides all the planning there can be accidental damages so make a mind to bear some damage consequences too.

Disrespect working professions from company

After hiring a shifting company, you need to cope up with the workers and professionals of the company to work together. Make a level of understanding, introduce with everyone and create a working environment. Working in a group is far better than working individually.

It is the right decision to hire professional movers. The money paid is well worth offloading the pressures of packing, heavy lifting, and transportation. For others, a do-it-yourself relocation is a way to go in order to save money. There are other options for combining services to receive the assistance you require.

Be careful that you make ready changes and adjustments at the destination places. All the cleaning and flooring tasks need to be completed before the moving day. It makes the moving day easy to unpack the goods and set them all as you need. It will be helpful to manage all the goods with the help of professionals rather than alone.

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